A software platform to encourage employees to be more active

A software platform to encourage employees to be more active

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Rocca. has a long track record of developing software for health, wellbeing and activity – from sports fixtures management in SportPAD, to encouraging children to be active with the Move More Schoolyard Challenge in Sheffield.

In the latest project, the team have produced a ground-breaking cloud-based software platform that encourages employees of organisations of all sizes to be more active at work and at home. Its success lies in the application of ‘gamification’ – applying gaming methodology to encourage engagement, and the convenience of using third party devices to track activity.

Making its inaugural outing in 2016 as the ‘Move More Workplace Challenge’, the then pilot software pitted employees across 26 organisations, including Sheffield teaching Hospitals, the council and private sector organisations, in a competition to be the most active organisation in Sheffield.

Since then it’s gone from strength-to-strength, under the Move More moniker (this year more than 100 organisations took part), and also as a white label solution for businesses like multi-site Pharma group B Braun.

The software allows users to sync their own tracking software or device – be it a Fitbit or the popular Moves app amongst others – or manually enter their data from a pedometer (popular with NHS staff not able to use their phones).

Competitions can run for any amount of time, and users are encouraged to be active at work via an awards system and league table displaying their relative performance against other competitors, teams and organisations.

At the heart of the software is a powerful admin system, designed for business administrators (HR and the like) that serves as an activity oversight tool, and also a messaging centre.

Update: In November 2017, the city of Turin in Italy ran an instance of the platform for 2 months. The intervention, delivered with the local council and in partnership with SETA Mobility, and tracking cyclists specifically, informs policymaking decisions for the future of the city.