Designing disruption into corporate communication

Cloud-based talent acquisition and bid content

Designing disruption into corporate communication

Cloud-based talent acquisition and bid content

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Ringway Jacobs

Ringway Jacobs are a leading highways service provider working with local government authorities across the UK. What makes them special is the fact that they are a ‘full-service’ provider, meaning they offer a complete solution – from highways management to customer engagement.

The challenge

As with many organisations, explaining in simple terms a complex solution can be difficult. This often requires the benefit of an external viewpoint, and skilled copy craftsmanship. Not only did the organisation need to raise its profile, but attract new employees too – meaning that any content should be inclusive enough for both audiences.

Rocca. has been working closely with Ringway Jacobs and their clients for a number of months, and has gained a thorough understanding of the organisation ticks. As a result, we were uniquely placed to turn what we saw into core messages for marketing collateral.

Ringway Jacobs’ ranks are made of a broad spectrum of skill – from engineers to IT experts, managers to customer advisers. Here then, was an organisation made vibrant by shear diversity, we just had to set that to words.

The Outcome

Once the copy was agreed, the creative and digital teams at Rocca. set about building a website which would disrupt the industry in which Ringway Jacobs operated. The website relies heavily on photography of employees – the beating heart of the organisation – and illustrates the myriad services that the business provides, on a season-by-season basis.

The website is responsive, as are all that we produce, houses a recruitment platform and is managed by the Ringway Jacobs marketing team. It pushes content directly and automatically to social media channels too – reducing the burden on employees to keep posting.


Key to our approach was the acquisition of a firm understanding of the client’s marketplace and customer sentiment generally. The Rocca. team undertook a customer survey to help them understand what it was that they found attractive about UK General. This was followed by key employee interviews, which painted a picture of the personality of the business.

Using the results from this activity, along with our competitor analysis we began to build core phrases. These were our first tentative steps toward summarising what’s special about the business – namely the quality of its service, and the passion of those delivering it.

The commercial insurance sector is furiously competitive, and it became clear that product differentiation was not the way to disrupt the market effectively. What would make a difference was the care employees took to deliver the best possible solutions – and the way in which the business’ flat organisation structure gave customers direct access to everyone, right up to the MD.

The team at Rocca. intuitively uncovered what we represent to our customers and employees, and turned there findings into an engaging and ever changing website.

Claire Knight, Head of Corporate Marketing.