Peasy Messaging

Producing a digital social phenomenon

Bespoke /Brand /Design /IP /Mobile /Service Design /Web


Peasy is a social digital communication platform for individuals and business. It blends email and messaging platforms, combined with privacy and spam protection tools to provide a secure and easy to use, multi-channel offer.

The Challenge

The offer was the brainchild of an influential investor and entrepreneur. Our task was to take the idea and deliver the reality, along with a new iconic brand.

We set about designing the user journey (elements of which are patented), ideating and developing the technology to be used. Some of which has never before been produced. In fact, the design process proved the greatest challenge as we worked closely with the client to produce the most compelling and user-friendly experience possible.

The Outcome

Peasy was launched across a number of channels – on web, Android and Apple iOS platform in App form – all produced by us. Users can now communicate with friends and associates through an invite-only process and seamlessly between web and App. All this is available via a simple and intuitive user-interface.