Bringing personality to commercial insurance

Naming and brand identity system

Bringing personality to commercial insurance

Naming and brand identity system

Brand /Design /Mobile /Service Design /Web /Workshop

In June 2015 a new and disruptive commercial insurance organisation, based in Leeds, broke onto the scene. This organisation was the result of months of careful planning and development.


Key to our approach was the acquisition of a firm understanding of the client’s marketplace and customer sentiment generally. The Rocca. team undertook a customer survey to help them understand what it was that they found attractive about UK General. This was followed by key employee interviews, which painted a picture of the personality of the business.

Using the results from this activity, along with our competitor analysis we began to build core phrases. These were our first tentative steps toward summarising what’s special about the business – namely the quality of its service, and the passion of those delivering it.

The commercial insurance sector is furiously competitive, and it became clear that product differentiation was not the way to disrupt the market effectively. What would make a difference was the care employees took to deliver the best possible solutions – and the way in which the business’ flat organisation structure gave customers direct access to everyone, right up to the MD.


Once we established what was special about the business, we turned our attention to naming and design. We used the employee interview content which we gathered as part of the analysis work, pretty much verbatim, to tell the compelling story of the business.

It was felt that a new name and brand identity would be the most impactful way to re-enter the market with fresh vigour. Working closely with the group’s internal design and digital team, we produced a shortlist of names and accompanying design approaches.

The name ‘ONE commercial’ was selected, because it reflected the organisation’s united approach to excellent customer care (it was actually used as a phrase by the Ops Director!). We then added a radically different design and identity structure to the new name and unique approach to winning new business. 

The culmination of the employee and customer survey, market analysis and core message development is a groundbreaking commercial insurance organisation… An organisation in tune with the demands of its clients, and distinct from its competitors, in every way.

We’re delighted with the outcome of our work with Rocca. Our new name and identity will help us achieve our aims of becoming market leader in our chosen segment.

Mike Keating, Managing Director.