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Mamas & Papas are a retail organisation based in the north of England.

They specialise in children's products, from clothing to furniture and buggies. They also produce a number of gifts, which vary in target audience from babies and small children to adults. Rocca. has been working with the Gift department of mamas and papas for a number of years now and is an advisory partner on paper manufacture and print production. mamas and papas have a number of characters which they use across their product range and Rocca. has been tasked to take them into book form.

What We Did

Rocca. has produced numerous children's books, greetings cards and record books for the organisation. All of which have interactive elements designed into them. Some, for example, may contain sound chips playing famous nursery rhymes, where others may have pop-up elements to engage young minds. The products are produced by a small and close-knit team of designers, copywriters and paper engineers at Rocca. and product developers at mamas and papas. The team works through set objectives at the start of the project, where the customer is identified and competitor offers scrutinised. From here a brief is produced and the Rocca. team begin to bring the product to life.

In 2013 we launched PlayBooks – the interactive book App, designed specifically for the Apple iPad.


Many of the books produced by Rocca. are now on the shelves of mamas and papas stores, and several represent best sellers across all their gift products.