09 October 2018

Supporting table tennis on a national scale

Table Tennis England reached out to us when they decided to build their own competition management platform.

Table Tennis England (TTE), the country’s national governing body (NGB) reached out to Rocca. when they decided to build their own competition management platform.

Rocca has been involved in multi-sport competition management ever since its collaboration with the University of Sheffield brought about SportPAD, its own sports competition management platform.

The challenge

Table tennis is huge in England. It’s estimated that over 200,000 people participate on some level every year.

Table Tennis England’s remit is to facilitate the competitions that happen every season at county and club level and this was essentially the challenge. Rocca. was to develop a table tennis competition platform, including a scorecard app, for amateur competition and free content managed county and club websites.

The platform was required to seamlessly integrate with their membership management platform – Sport:80 – collaborators and partners of Rocca.

The solution would be offered free to counties, clubs and members of TTE as part of their membership.

What we did

Working closely with TTE, Rocca. mapped out the user journey for the management and administration of table tennis competitions. Starting with a series of statements and requirements, Rocca. developed a scoping document for the final development of the solution.

From here the user interfaced was designed, one which was mobile-friendly as well as intuitive. The design process was iterative, and TTE shared its progress with their members at regular intervals in the design process in the form of video tutorials. This provided a feedback forum for the ongoing development of the platform.

An Application Programming Interface (API) was developed by Sport:80 so that live membership information could be used in the administration of the season. This included setting up new members, transfers and subscription management.

The Outcome

The newly named ‘TT Leagues’ platform and app (Android and iOS) launched in June of 2019 – just in time for the new season and a summer of extensive users testing. It has been well received and Rocca. and TTE are mapping out future enhancements for the solution.

Quote from CEO, Sara Sutcliffe:
Having been introduced to Rocca Creative each meeting was positive in their ability to be adaptive and reactive to the ever changing demands of a National Governing Body, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say an enormous thank you. The amount of effort and work to get the TT Leagues system up and functional is remarkable and we look forward to working further with them as we continue to develop TT Leagues.