What role for Service Design in the Public Sector?

12 May 2014

The emergence of an innovative approach

Over the past decades, the Private Sector has made the most of Service Design understanding it, as a valuable asset with regards to processes improvements. But most recently, this innovative concept worked its way through public servants minds. In 2002, the Danish government, created an innovation unit (MindLab) consisting of ethnographers, designers, and public policy specialists with the idea of re-thinking public solutions thanks to citizens co-operation. Although slow to be adopted in the UK, this approach is now being used by many public organisations as a way to improve their services and save costs. In 2011, Barking and Dagenham council showed pioneer spirit, by appealing to Service Design in order to personalize their departments in an innovative and user-centric way within their budgetary restriction.

Simply Hype or Revolutionary Process?

Service Design is not just a trendy term boasting about finding solutions for Public Sector organisations, but a real step forward services that accurately answers customer's needs and desires. Thus, this approach based on the understanding of interactions between service providers and users, relies on background processes such as customer engagement, company’s workshops or service blueprints. Applied to the Public Sector, it allows organisations to become more citizen-centric, and deliver relevant services for housing, planning, health, environment, safety... Service Design is also about making sure that each part of an organisation responds with the other, enabling a better inside management. Appealing to the public and its vast societal complexity is the main challenge for designers.

Rocca. Creative in action

At Rocca. Creative, Service Design is at the heart of what we do, from reviewing efficiency of process, analysing and mapping the customer journey to developing service blueprints. This approach enables our team to come up with efficient ways to make organisations operational and perfect the user experience. As part of the Service Design Network which aims at the development of innovative practices, we take pride in providing our clients with key strategies and responsive journeys towards efficiency.

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