Using iBeacon technology for your business

18 August 2014

You may have read recently about the impending arrival of myriad iBeacon solutions for business.

iBeacon is the method of using low energy Bluetooth transmitters to gather user data and broadcast information. A good example of this is in retail.

Once an App has been downloaded, shoppers can be communicated to when close to stores and within them using iBeacon technology. So, you can push offers to those customers and then literally lead them to the offer in-store.

Usefully the beacons themselves contain temperature gauges, accelerometers and all manner of sensors, so uses go far beyond that of retail. Take large industrial employers, for example... rather than using physical clock-in devices to track working hours, iBeacons could check them in and out with no physical action required from them. Hook up some software and you have a complete attendance record, which can inform payroll processes.

As the technology advances, expect uses in sporting applications – measuring speed, trajectory and so on. The possibilities really are endless.

Our own ibeacon activity

Our own involvement in the use of iBeacon technology began with simple applications, like using estimote beacons to measure the time it takes for users to get to the bottom of our very own Electric Works slide! This feeds into an online leaderboard – a digital incarnation of the same board that lives in our office.

Although really just a bit of fun, this application demonstrates how you can take everyday physical interactions and expand them into digital ones. There are many, many ways of using ibeacon technology in operational applications. Practically any physical process can be monitored and influenced by ibeacon technology.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to explore what ibeacon technology can do for your organisation.