Protecting Your Cloud Server Uploads

Securing Your Account

01 September 2014

Following the leaking of images of over 100 celebrities, people are becoming increasingly concerned about not only what they upload to the iCloud, but the security of cloud computing services in general.

Securing Your Account

It is believed in the cases that are surfacing that the accounts of the victims were accessed directly so the culprits were either able to guess the passwords of the accounts or reset them by providing their target’s email address and answering simple security questions. This kind of hacking is easily preventable with a strong password and more obscure answers to security questions.

What To Upload

The second issue here is the content that could be retrieved. Many of the victims seemed to not fully understand the iCloud service itself. Jennifer Lawrence is quoted as saying, “My iCloud keeps telling me to back it up, and I'm like, I don't know how to back you up. Do it yourself”. It’s essential that users are more aware of how they are using the service and ensure they raise their levels of security according to the content. Apple users can easily opt out of the service, meaning that items will just remain on their device unless they actively upload it.

Although unfortunate, this incident has helped raise the importance of account security and is starting to give focus to the need to understand cloud services in the interests of personal security.

It might also be worth not regularly posting naked images of yourself, should you be in the celebrity spotlight!