Brand Thinking.

Bringing brands alive through co-creative processes

We’ve a long and prolific track record in the branding arena. And we’re proud to have teamed-up with some of the largest, most prestigious and forward-thinking organisations along the way.

Our approach to brand development is a shared one – in our view, this is the only way to produce meaningful brands. And we’ve developed a number of tools to take the temperature, develop and create brands to support our clients.

Performance Analysis

Understanding how your organisation performs through the eyes of your customers is a great way of ensuring things are on track, as well as giving you the intel to head off any operational issues – before they grow into larger challenges.

For thorough analysis, we use tools like mystery shopping; customer journey mapping and customer surveys. This gives us a baseline to work from when developing brand communication solutions, and should form part of any customer-facing organisation’s temperature checking regime. 

Brand Workshops

The best way to arrive at compelling brand stories is to create them together. That way, key stakeholders from across your organisation can arrive at qualified solutions, as a team.

Brand workshops are a great way of doing this, quickly and inclusively, and Rocca. has developed a number of brain-stretching exercises to help get the creative juices flowing.

Core Statement Development

Sometimes, putting what’s special about your organisation into a few well-chosen words can represent an enormous challenge. The temptation is to say too much, in order to be clear, but the result is often a disengaged customer. 

Rocca. has over 20 years of experience in core statement development. The process consists of employee and customer interview, and results in an accurate mirroring of what it is your organisation does so well.