Simon Frost

Consultant: Sport and Leasure in Higher Education

Simon has over 25 years in sports management, delivering award winning facilities and services.

His early sports management career focused on developing participation. Having managed a leading sports programme within a Russell Group university, Simon was invited to present at a number of national and regional university sports conferences. Supporting increased levels of physical activity and student engagement was a key feature of Simon’s early work and these themes remain relevant today.

Having managed one of the largest sports league competitions in the Higher Education sector, significant community programmes and commercial football leagues for over 20 years, Simon played a leading consultative role in the development of Rocca.s own SportPAD product – An affordable software solution for sports leagues, including team management and online payments.

Following his successful period in sports programme management, Simon progressed to general sports and facility management where he attained a number of service delivery awards and outstanding audit returns from the likes of the Football Foundation and other governing bodies.